February Member of the Month - Aiden Poole

We chose Aiden as our member of the month for February because he has the qualities of a CrossFit Rugrat! At the beginning of the month, when he started, he was very quiet and seemed a bit like 'I don't know about all this. These people seem crazy.' When he was learning how to do proper air squats he seemed to be struggling. His heels kept coming up off of the floor and he wasn't able to hit a good depth. In the beginning he didn't get the fastest times or the most reps, this is worth mentioning because he did not shave his reps to keep up with the others he kept going and kept working hard because he wanted to be better and now he's competitive with the rest of his classmates and still works hard every workout! His squats are awesome, he's able to keep his weight in his heels and squat full depth (below parallel), he is even using a 6lb medicine ball for his wall balls and still able to keep good form! I am amazed at how well he can follow a movement cue. If I tell him to make sure he pulls his elbows up for his clean he fixes it and does it right every time! He has made friends with all the kids and has tons of fun at classes and on our Saturday get-togethers! He's no longer the quiet one thinking we are all crazy, I can proudly and confidently say that he is one of us crazy crossfitters! We are not the only ones who have noticed his awesome improvements, following is a statement from his mother: I am so proud of how far Aiden has come in just a month!! When he started Crossfit at the beginning of February, he was very timid and struggled to make it through his workout. In only a month, he has made friends with everyone in class and is rocking his workouts!!! Aiden has Tourette's, and I believe crossfit has helped tremendously with his motor tics!! It's such a great stress reliever for him! I am so thankful for the gym, Coach Karina and Tim....and excited to see him keep progressing!!

Saturday, August 13, 2022 TODAY

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