March Member of the Month - Charlotte Ranallo

Crossfit Rugrats member of the month: Selecting the member of the month is one of the hardest things we have to do, as all of the little Rugrats work so hard. The member of the month for March is Charlotte. Charlotte is an eight-year-old young lady who has really stood out since she has started Crossfit Rugrats. The first day that Charlotte came to classes she wasn't really sure about what we were doing, and I heard a lot of 'I can't do that' coming from her. We encouraged her to do her best, and to try and things would come along. When we said things would come along, wow did they ever!  One example is during her first week, we were playing a game and she had to do burpees. She really struggled to do one or two of them at a time during this game. Her determination, and all of the effort that she has put into her fitness change that. A week ago we did a workout and she completed easily, 84 burpees. There was an easier workout on the board where she wouldn't have to do as much but she chose the more difficult one, and told us she wanted that one and said I'm gonna try it and not say I can't!Charlotte has worked really hard, and pushed herself to become a better athlete. Every time there is something that is new, or a little outside of her comfort zone, she will always attack it head on, and at least try. Not only does she put 100% effort in everything that she learns, and everything that she does at CrossFit Rugrats, she is a huge supporter of all of the other athletes. If Charlotte finishes a workout before everyone else, or even during a workout, she will holler for another athlete that is working hard to encourage them and cheer them on! When Charlotte comes to class she is always full of energy, and her words have change from I can't to okay, I'll try. Charlotte, Coach Karina and I are very proud of you, and proud you are a Rugrat! We hope that you continue on your path to fitness and keep on having fun!
We are not the only ones who have noticed Charlotte's work, this is what her mom said about her: Charlotte has been in crossfit for 6 weeks or more. She is loving it. Her confidence and determination has soared. Charlotte has become so much stronger. Crossfit has been amazing. I can't thank Tim and Karina enough for this wonderful program.

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