April Member of the Month: Mathew Ward

Everyone please help us by congratulating our April member of the month Mathew Ward! Mathew was our very first member to sign up here for classes at Crossfit Rugrats. Ever since he has signed up he has attended three days a week consistently. Any time he comes to hang out with Timothy he always wants to work out. Mathew has that kind of determination that you don't see very often! He always pushes himself and is always testing his limits! He hates to be last and is determined to always finish first! He works hard every time that he is here and is determined to improve himself each and every day! He is someone who makes goals and doesn't quit until he attains them. He is also on my soccer team that I coach and even on the field has a determination to win. Even when he misses a lift or gets aggravated in a workout he will continue working for it because it's his personality to keep going and keep working until he succeeds. We are really proud of the gains he has made and his determination!  Mathew is always positive and loves to laugh and have fun with his classmates! There's never a day when he comes to class not laughing, teasing someone, or goofing off. His grandma, Kathy Ward told us that ever since Mathew started at Crossfit Rugrats his grades have improved, she gets notes from his teachers on how well he's doing in school, and he has changed from a young boy into a young man with a positive attitude. She has also noted that since he started at CrossFit Rugrats he has changed, and he has muscles popping up everywhere and is really becoming a much fitter young man! She said that she is so proud of him and his accomplishments!  We would like to congratulate you Mathew on your hard work. Keep it up and there's no telling where you will go with your accomplishments!
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