June Member of the Month: Mallory McClure

We chose Mallory as our June member of the month for many reasons! She is a leader who never quits. She pushes and pushes to her limits and beyond! If you give her a challenge she will take it and work harder than ever! She doesn't let the weights or a bad workout get to her. She's able to put it in the past and continue to have a great time. She's friends with everyone and is always a happy face! She may like to have fun and pick on the guys but she's always making them laugh! She's very determined to get better she has went from banded pull-ups to getting consistent pull-ups and she can do strict handstand push-ups from the ground and almost all of her lifts are at or over body weight! She doesn't let her smallness keep her from being awesome! She's been with us since the beginning and we look forward to coaching her for many more years! Her mother added that Mallory is ten years and she will be going into 5th grade at Highland elementary this fall. Outside of CrossFit, Mallory enjoys dance which she has taken since she was two, arts and crafts, loves animals, and reading. She has interests in pursuing a career in Veterinarian Medicine, Marine Biology, or Engineering. Since starting CrossFit Mallory has grown more confident. She has also found an outlet to her competitive side. Mallory's health and strength have also improved.
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