July Member of the Month: Kylen Clater

We chose Kylen as our July member of the month because he has excelled in the past few months he's been doing CrossFit. We used to be his soccer coach and so we've known him for a little while and he used to be very rowdy and kind of aggressive towards others in a playful manner but he has learned now where to draw the line. I believe that CrossFit has created an avenue for him to direct his abundance of energy. He's very helpful no matter what you ask of him. He is getting a lot of new friends to help guide him. He's much more laid back and seems to really enjoy himself. He's always trying hard and pushing himself to become a better athlete and it's working. He has not only become stronger physically but mentally too. What I mean by that is he's able to push through the pain of a tough workout and keep moving even when he wants to quit. I think that if he sticks with CrossFit he could change into quite a competitive athlete. I'm proud of him and I'm glad he's starting to grow into his own skin and he seems to like it there. We're not the only ones who have noticed a difference in him, here's what his mom had to say.
Our son Kylen started CrossFit in April this year. Since joining he has gained many benefits other than of course the results from the work out sessions. Kylen has started communicating better and has become more sociable. He for once in countless years had rather be somewhere else than in front of a TV playing games. He is now VERY particular on his diet which is a huge surprise to us. From our point of view, not only is he gaining knowledge on health and strength, he is also gaining friendships and understanding how to communicate better.  We can’t say enough really how much he is changing in front of our eyes. This is truly the first sport he has become dedicated to in all aspects. As we do thank you, because the funny thing is, by him wanting to eat so healthy we have had to change our shopping habits which we are delighted about. We cannot thank you enough about how good you both are with our child and thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. You are helping him change in ways we never could.
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