August member of the month: Serenity Barnes

We chose Serenity as our August member of the month because of how much she's changed. Most of the time when people change it's not as positive, but Serenity has definitely changed for the better. She's so much happier that it warms my heart. When I first met Serenity she came to the class with  a book and no intentions of actually trying it out. She was really shy and quiet that first day but she did end up trying out the workout. Then the next time she came there was no book but she started showing us who she was because she wasn't afraid. We made her feel right at home whether she was talking about Josh Dunn, 21 Pilots, or incredibly random facts. She still talks about these things today but since she has showed everyone here who she really is she has found friends. Good friends at that! She's learned so much from being here that will surely change her life forever. We all know that Serenity talks a lot now and that she is a great dancer! She's makes everyone smile because of her weirdness! I see a lot of myself in her because I am weird but I learned early in life not to care about what others think and I'm hoping that Serenity will find that confidence too! She's found the confidence around her CrossFit family but now she needs to find it with everyone else in the world and when she does the world will be more blessed with the brightness of Serenity! I have talked a lot about her changes I have noticed but there are some changes that people cannot miss. She's so much stronger now, her lifts are soaring and she's being able to do things she never thought she could! At the end of August she did a competition where she and her partner (and now great friend) Kylie finished in 3rd place which is huge for those girls! They were the youngest, most inexperienced girls on the team floor and they killed it because they worked so hard and they worked together. I've never seen Serenity push that hard during any workout! She was dying on the floor but she admitted that it felt good! I'm so proud of Serenity and I am 100% confident that she will do amazing things as she grows!

Saturday, August 13, 2022 TODAY

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