September member of the month: Jersie & Eliza

We chose Jersie and Eliza as our September members of the month! We chose them both because they're basically a package deal! They are always so energetic, sweet, and funny! It amazes me what skills they can do at such a young age! Both of the girls are able to do strict handstand push-ups, clean scarecrows (cleans), clean scarecrow's best friend Snatch (snatches), Eliza can rock a set of single unders, and Jersie has been working on them and is starting to string a few together! They are always so happy and nice to everyone! You can tell a big difference by just looking at them! They are definitely getting some muscles in their arms and legs! I've noticed that they've been drinking more water too which is hard for young children because they are usually used to juices and cokes. They have been getting a bottle of water and actually finishing it! They are bundles of joy and I'm glad that I met them and have a chance to share my passion with those so young! This is what their mom had to say: CrossFit Rugrats has been such a positive experience for our family. The things they have learned from Karina and their CrossFit classes have done so much for their confidence! Eliza and Jersie want to practice the skills and movements all the time  - at home, at school, etc. When they are picking out what to wear to school the next day, they base their decision on what they will feel comfortable in at recess time when they are practicing handstand push-ups, burpees, pullups, etc.! At their age - 6 and 7 years old - it's very common for kids to occasionally feel lonely or left out at school if they feel like no one is playing with them. Eliza and Jersie have been turning moments like that into opportunities to practice the fun things they're learning at CrossFit and teach their friends too. They are learning the fundamentals of movement at such a critical stage in their physical development and getting physical activity by doing a fun (yet challenging) workout instead of sitting at home watching electronic devices after school. All week long our home has been filled with the sweet laughter of two little girls practicing the dances and games they learned in their CrossFit class.

Saturday, August 13, 2022 TODAY

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