October Member of the Month: Colton Chappell

We chose Colton as our October member of the month because he is a hard worker and never complains about anything. He is always willing to do whatever it takes to be the best and will do whatever will make him better. Even if the workout was 200 burpees he would do it without complaining he wouldn't whine, ask why were doing this, or say no, he would do it because that's the kind of person he is. I've coached Colton and he's been on my soccer team for many seasons so I've really got to know him, I know the kind of person he is and he's the kind of person that you want people to look up to. He's definitely a role model, he's very mature for his age, he is always positive, and he never asks for anything in return for anything he does. He is determined and motivated and I know these qualities will take him far in life. The other day during a workout Colton hit himself in the mouth with the barbell, whenever this happened he did not freak out even though he was bleeding, he did not start crying even though I'm sure that it hurt, like the mature person he is he simply said Karina my mouth is bleeding. I slightly freaked out but calmly said oh goodness Colton so then we went and cleaned him up. He held up like a trooper, he didn't freak out about it, he wasn't complaining about it, he just cleaned it up and then he went back to doing what he was doing. Colton has made some physical changes. On Halloween he stayed after class to go trick-or-treating with us and he went to put on his costume and his cape did not fit because his back and shoulders had gotten bigger. Since he has started CrossFit his movements have gotten great and takes every piece of advice I give him & uses it. He never quits even if he wants to!
Here's what his mom had to say:
'I can't put into words how proud I am to have Colton as my son. He is the sweetest kid with the biggest heart. He is extremely loyal and gets along with everyone he meets. He is a hard worker and puts 100% effort in all he does. He enjoys his crossfit family and looks forward to his classes every week. He has gained strength, endurance, and self confidence since joining crossfit a few months ago. I appreciate all the hard work Tim and Karina put into these kids assuring them bright and successful futures.'

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