December Member of the Month Isiah Boarman

We chose Isiah as our December member of the month because he is determined, hard working, and has a lot of integrity. He never gives up. That's something that everyone notices as soon as they watch him do CrossFit! Angelo DiCicco and Nick Paladino even said he is one of the most determined kids they've ever seen. They noticed how even though he missed a PR clean 10 times he tried it again and again. Even if he didn't get it that day he wouldn't let it discourage him he keeps trying. When he was first getting muscle-ups he kept working on them every chance he got. Every time he stepped in the gym he hopped on the rig and kept trying to make them better and more consistent. He also has a lot of integrity. It's easy to shave a rep here and there to stay ahead of everyone but it's worth all of the extra work to better yourself to do all the reps which is what Isiah does. He works hard all the time and I'm very proud to be his coach! His hard work and changes must have rubbed off on his mom because she will be starting CrossFit with him soon and she had this to say about him:
I'm very excited that Isiah was chosen as member of the month or I like to say rugrat of the month. Isiah is very talented at many things and has a strong will to succeed. He has played basketball and baseball and does very well at both but as a CrossFit Rugrat member he has learned that this is not natural talent, he has to work hard for every success that he earns at CrossFit, it is completely up to him. He is coached by awesome coaches, he has a great group of kids to help encourage him to succeed but he has to earn everything himself. It has changed his overall attitude. He wants to not only impress his coaches and team with his success but he wants to impress them by just being a better person, getting good grades, and being an encouragement to the other kids. When we started this he set his goals very high, he said, mom I'm going to work out with the older kids, and not wanting him to be discouraged but also not wanting him to be disappointed I said well Isiah that's a really high expectation but I'm sure with hard work you can do it and he did! I'm very proud of Isiah and all of the Rugrat family!!!!!

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