January member of the month: Timothy Davis

We chose Timothy as our member of the month because of his improvements. Timothy reminds me a little of myself. He's never really been the best at things but he try's. He doesn't put in extra time unless someone tells him to or he's with friends. CrossFit is the first sport where he has actually done more than just necessary. He try's a lot harder in CrossFit than any other sport he did. He works out more than just during his class times and days. For a while when he started he had this 'I know what I'm doing' attitude and wouldn't listen to my suggestions. Lately he has been asking me what he needs to do to fix this or that and he actually listens. He has improved a lot in his lifts, skills, & physical appearance. Since I pick on him a lot all of his friends like to pick on him too and he takes the blows very well. He likes being picked on even if he doesn't say so. He doesn't get mad when someone roasts him he just laughs and agrees with it.
Here's a comment from his dad:
Ever since Coach Karina, Timothy's big sister, and I started doing CrossFit Timothy has always tried to do the things we were doing. About a year and a half ago he received a small weight set from Santa Claus for Christmas and made a small matted area in the basement and called it Timothy's CrossFit Corner. After we got home from the gym we would go to the basement and Coach Karina would show Timothy the different things we have done and he would do his own little workout. One of the things that I liked about opening CrossFit Rugrats with Coach Karina was that Timothy, his friends, and other kids would have a place they could train and see the effects of CrossFit and fitness. There was absolutely nowhere for kids to do this, and everyone is always saying Owensboro needs something for kids to do. As Timothy started training on a regular basis with his friends, and they constantly challenged each other, he started getting stronger and stronger. Over the past several months, as he says his goals are to be in the CrossFit Games one day, Timothy has started to really push himself. His determination, his effort, and his strength have grown immensely! I really like his effort and determination that he has been putting forth lately. If he keeps training like he is then we will be making a trip one day over the next several years to watch him participate in the CrossFit games! I am really proud of my son and the young man that he is growing into!  I could not help but to pick Timothy as a member of the month this month. Even though he is my son his gains and effort has been amazing lately and need to be recognized!

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