February Member of the Month: Noah Barnes

We chose Noah as our February member of the month because of how hard he has been working and the gains he has made lately. In the past few weeks Noah has went from banded pull-ups to being able to do sets of kipping pull-ups. He's got them down so well now that he is able to do workouts with pull-ups and still finish in a reasonable amount of time. Usually when people are first getting those kipping pull-ups the workouts take them a while but Noah has been blasting through them! Noah has also went from not being able to hold a handstand to being able to do kipping handstand push-ups from an ab mat! The other day in a workout I noticed he was only able to hit one at a time and he would fall off the wall so I gave him a fix to push his head through and that opened up his world! He then continued to start getting large sets of 5 or 6 during that workout. Just the other day we were working on handstand push-ups for our skill work and he was able to get one from the floor, it may have only been one but from where he was a couple weeks ago is a huuuge difference. I've just seen a lot of physical differences in him too. His upper body is really starting to lean out his stomach is smaller and his arms are definitely more defined. His squats have also been coming along well. A couple weeks ago before we started this new lifting cycle our goal was to work on his squat. Although Noah has been with us for quite a few months he still has a hard time with his squat because he is either in the bottom of the hole where he can't get out or above parallel. I know it has to be frustrating for him to start back to lower weights and make sure he is right in between but he has taken it very well. He doesn't argue with me when I tell him to do it again. I believe he wants to get better and he will do whatever he needs to reach his goals. I have just been very proud of Noah and what he has been accomplishing lately. Good job Noah keep it up!
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