April Member of the Month: Kylie Strehl

Our member of the month this month is no stranger to any of you! It is probably a name you will recognize as she's been here in the spotlight before. The member of the month is Kylie Strehl! We chose Kylie again as a member of the month because of her determination, work ethic, and her love of fitness! She always works her hardest in class, shows up early to work on her weaknesses, and always does her workouts with integrity! If it's a day that we are not holding classes you can always count on a message asking 'can we work out today?' She has a love for Olympic lifting and her role model is Mattie Rogers. When Kylie is not at the gym she's working on her skills at home whether it's using PVC pipe to work on positions for Olympic lifts, or handstand walking down the hallway! All of her hard work and efforts are obvious when you see her lift or do workouts in the gym.  Kylie I am impressed with your effort! Keep up all the hard work and it will pay off! You are an awesome athlete and a role model for the others around you!
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