June Member of the Month: Morrison Family

Our members of the month is a group of fun, friendly, and amazing people! This family always comes to class in a good mood and ready to work hard! They do their best each and every day. They challenge each other, encourage each other, and have fun together! There is a saying that those who train together grow together and it is obvious with this family! It is a pleasure for Coach Karina and I to get to work with this awesome family on a regular basis to help accomplish their fitness goals! This family consists of a 3 year old boy named Mason, he loves to play games with his family and get stronger! He a good boy who tries hard and tries his hardest to focus! There is an 11 year old boy named Isaias who is always up for anything and doesn't quit! He set a goal to be able to do a handstand hold and he comes in and kicks up on the wall every day no matter how many times he falls on his head! Their mom, Sara, gives her best effort at everything we ask of her! She works hard even when she doesn't think she can do it she will try anyways! Nathan wanted to start working out to be able to keep up with his family and play with his kids as he grows older. He works long night shifts with little rest but he comes in the gym ready to take on whatever he's asked! Even when the time cap is up on a workout he will continue to workout until he finishes, setting an awesome example for his children. He doesn't do it just for himself but for his whole family! This whole family works hard and is ready to continue their fitness journey and grow strong together!

Saturday, August 13, 2022 TODAY

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