Member of the Month Macy Foreman

We chose Macy Foreman as our member of the Month this month because of all the progress she's made. She's been with us for about 9 months & she's finally starting to hit that place where she works out to not only win but to also better herself. She's gained a lot of strength, integrity, & motivation! She's a great athlete, she's strong, aggressive, & determined! When she started out her strongest point was her handstands, now she can do handstand push-ups & get a few feet in her handstand walk! She's definitely gotten stronger in her strongest aspect but she's also became a very strong lifter! Some of her numbers are her an 85lb clean & a 125lb back squat! She's also been working on getting a pull-up with no assistance lately & she is very close to it! Currently she's the only girl in her class the rest are all boys her age, you can ask any of those boys who is the strongest in their class and they will tell you it's Macy. She's come so far & I can't wait until she decides to start getting into competitions! We're very proud of her & her transformation! Her mom is also proud of her 'Macy is a great student. She plays softball and loves gymnastics. She's a sweet, happy, enthusiastic kid. Her life changed when she started CrossFit. She has strength and confidence now that extends past the gym.'

Saturday, August 13, 2022 TODAY

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